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Customer Testimonials for Car Emporium

Dan R. - 2007 Lexus RX350

Dan R.
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5.0 star rating

Just bought a Lexus from Bill at Car Emporium.  What a wonderful experience.  My wife, daughter and I drove almost two hours to get to CE in Spokane, not knowing what to expect.  What we found was a car that was exactly as advertised and as described on the phone.  We also found Bill, the owner, who was a great pleasure to work with and his son Matt, also a great guy.  We test drove the Lexus and heard a noise while going over a bump.  Bill had his mechanic, Dan, track down the noise for a couple of hours.  It turned out to be a loose screw on the rear bumper cover.  The cool part was that Bill wouldn't let us leave with the car until the problem was solved.  The process was seamless and painless, the price was fair and the service was excellent!  We would definitely recommend Bill and Car Emporium to anyone looking for a quality used car!

Diane - 2002 Ford F150

Diane Schachter Moen reviewed Car Emporium – 5 star
20 hrs

Just bought a truck for our son going off to college. We needed to make sure he had a vehicle that was reliable and Bill was not only professional and courteous but I totally felt like we could trust him in regards to the vehicle we were buying. Truck at a great price and Bill was extremely easy to work with, I can't believe how smooth the whole process went. Thank you

Andy - 2007 Hyundia Vera Cruz

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5.0 star rating

I had been shopping for a specific kind of vehicle for about six months (older SUV with AWD and at least 64" of length in the storage area).  Apart from that search, though, is the fact that the Car Emporium is three blocks from my office.  And I am a motorhead, so have talked to Bill and son Matt for a few years about cars, the car biz, etc.  I dropped in last week and they had a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz on the lot.  That particular car was not on my radar until I drove one a few weeks ago in a different city.  Then I read the 2007 Motor Trend review of that car vs. the Lexus RX350 - they were very close.  Then I read the Kelly Blue Book feedback on the car  - about 95% were very positive.  So I drove the car and had it inspected, pointed out some problems, and made a fair offer, not far off from the NADA suggested $.  (By the way, he had a chance to sell the car to another party, but knew I was scheduling an inspection, and held off.)  The offer was accepted, but Bill had to do a few things...it was three or four days before I could pick it up.  When I got there, not only had he done the repairs needed, but several others not even mentioned.  He was very open about many things he could have concealed.

Do not expect to steal a car from Bill.  32 years in the business means that such an event simply will not occur.  As with any purchase, caveat emptor...look closely at everything and have an inspection done.  But you can expect candid honesty and a fair deal.  Great folks!

Dylan - Tacoma 2015 vistor

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5.0 star rating

Was visiting from Seattle. At noon my car broke down. New alternator needed. They had it fixed by 1:30 PM and had me on the road so that I wouldn't be late for work. 

These mechanics are true angels and have a sense of compassion that almost no mechanics  have. They had a two day waiting list and they still helped me in a very very timely manner after I explained my situation and how I had to get back to Seattle by the same day. 

I would urge everyone to give this place a shot if you ever need anything done to your car or if you need a really good used car  :-)

Kayla H. - 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

5.0 star rating

I recently bought my newest car from Gary over at Car Emporium, a gorgeous PT Cruiser!  The whole process actually took a couple of weeks as I poured over various cars in the area, trying to pick the right one, but I kept coming back to the PT.  I had called them several times over the course of my hunt, always speaking with Gary, and always had the very best experience.  He was very helpful without being pushy and overbearing.  When we finally came down for the sale, he knew me right away, handed me the keys for my test drive, and we were off!

While we were out, the check engine light did come on, we brought it back in, and the problem - a tiny little split rubber cap from a vacuum something-or-other on the turbo - was taken care of very quickly, and the car given a clean bill of health!

While we waited, Bill - the owner - was very accommodating, very friendly, and very aware and knowledgeable about the cars on his lot!  The whole place has a very friendly feel to it, I could not be happier with our experience!  (Oh, and I LOVE my car!!! Thank you!)


These folks are great! Friendly, down to earth, NOT pushy and fake. My rig started having trouble after I picked it up from them, but they honored their guarantee/warranty and bent over backwards to fix it. Even gave me a loaner while I waited to get my rig fixed. These guys are as good as gold. I'd buy from here again.

Jon L 2011 YELP REVIEW - 2007 BMW 335CI

My review may be a bit skewed, as I've known Bill and his family for most of my life. With that said, Bill has owned this business as far as I've known him, and he runs it with integrity and passion.

My wife and I both purchased our current vehicles from him - she purchased her '99 VW Jetta there over 5 years, and we still have it and it's run well with very few issues over the years. I recently purchased an '07 BMW 3 series from him, and I couldn't be happier with it. 

There was a good selection of cars on the lot, and I lucked out with the bimmer - it was exactly what I wanted. Bill is deeply knowledgable with cars and has an eye for quality as well as value. Thanks so much again!

Laura W. 2010 YELP REVIEW - 2010 Yelp review Vehicle

I really appreciated all the help Bill offered me when I was looking for a car. I didn't buy that time, but will go back again as soon as I'm ready to buy. I love that it's a local business and the people there really want to help you find a car that's right for you; they're passionate about what they do. A great choice if you're looking for a car.