When Chevrolet first introduced Corvette in 1953, it has become the most desirable purchase by millions of car enthusiasts. This incredible American muscle car offers a lot of power and performance eclipsing all other brands of car manufacturers. While each generation of Corvette has different features to boast, many agree that C5 is a no ordinary model as it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while offering a higher level of performance and horsepower. 
The fifth generation (C5) Corvette made its first appearance in 1997. At the time that was, it is considered one of the most reliable model of Corvette considering its unique attributes at a great value. However, like any other sports car, there are many factors that could affect the overall quality of the car you are eyeing such as how it should be maintained, cared for and driven. Albeit it received criticisms from a fraction of Corvette fans, it has eventually gained the trust of many, thus, making auto enthusiasts see how bright the future for America’s Sports Car is after the fifth-generation Corvette was unveiled. 
C5 was built using a LS1, 5.7 liter, v8 engine. Despite of the significant improvement when it comes to the horsepower which is rated at 345, the small blocks 5.7 liter displacement as well as the traditional push rod design 440 bore centers remained unchanged. The 11 small block V-8 is something to brag because of its one of a kind design. Other upgrades include an enhanced pistons, simplified valve train, distinctive extended sump oil pan, composite intake manifold, improved ignition system, and pool wall stainless steel exhaust manifolds. It also features an electronic throttle control BTC through its GM’s first gasoline engine making throttle response through all the RPM ranges more accurate. 
The exterior was an overall upgrade as well from their previous models. Modifications on the body, frame and suspension were apparent. However, a plethora of Corvette naysayers questioned the design and reliability of the new rear mounted transmission. Be that as it may, many shunned the aforementioned controversy because of its bulletproof feature which received a thumbs-up from the majority.
Buying a Corvette is indeed a very emotional and satisfying experience. Owning a piece of American sports car legend offers an exciting experience. With a stylish design and best engine upgrades, Chevrolet Corvette will forever be a part of American history as evidenced by the replicas we see in different establishments and museums across the country. Having a key to a Corvette is indeed a very empowering feeling, knowing that you drive an American sports automobile which deemed by many as the most stylish, reliable and powerful car in the market.